About Me

My name is Samantha Matheson.

Im a young woman in her early twenties who has a passion for all things wild and adventurous.

Born on the prairies of central Canada I didn’t have mountains to climb or an ocean to swim in on a regular basis. Instead I made weekend trips up north to the boreal forest with my family. There I learned to love camping, trail bike riding, and canoeing. And when I couldn’t make it to our northern lakes I created adventures in my own backyard or spent my time playing sports.

All my life I have described myself as an athlete. I started out with a love of soccer. My favourite childhood memory is from when I was still in community soccer. I remember we were playing in a tiny elementary school gym and every time I got the ball the moms would shriek and hide because they were afraid of my kick :). Since then I have went on to play with a team from Denmark and win the USA cup, win nationals with my u18 team, and play varsity women’s soccer at my university.

Soccer is not the only sport that I have played in my life. I have played just about any sport you can name. Somewhere along the way I got involved with rugby and it has changed my life largely for the better.

When I was 17 I was able to travel to Hawaii for rugby and just last year I traveled to Trinidad and Tobago to play in a tournament.

With the opportunities that rugby has provided me I have been able to realize my passion for traveling the world.

This blog is the beginning of the realization of my traveling dreams. In it I will document this new chapter of my life.